11 Gray Ave. Webster Groves, Mo. 63119

*Located in the heart of Old Webster*

A Little About Amanda's

      At Amanda's we offer a cage free play area for your pets to enjoy, a service offered since 1989. Your pets will take pleasure in socializing with our other guests! (We also provide enclosures for our other clients who would rather watch from a distance). The staff at Amanda's Grooming strives to make your time with us enjoyable for both you and your pet. We make every effort to provide a comfortable experience as demonstrated by our cage free environment.

      All dogs requesting a full grooming experience will be given a massage style bath. This bathing technique produces a whirlpool action that enhances the effectiveness of our shampoos and conditioners. It also helps remove loose hair, dead skin, and most importantly dirt! Your pet will be trimmed and styled by our qualified professionals who will seek to find an appearance that suits you, and your pet, while also providing an atmosphere that allows your pet to relax and enjoy their grooming experience. We also offer Natures Specialties, our all natural shampoo and conditioners. The expression of your pet's anal glands generally is a natural occurrence. In the event it isn't, we will check and expel at no additional charge.

      We file and maintain records for you and your pet. We keep record of pertinent data including names, addresses, emergency contacts, your pet's special needs and conditions, as well as their veterinarians in the event of an emergency. Monday's are reserved for our animals with special needs. On this day we cater to pets that require added attention; those that may be disabled, elderly, and /or aggressive. (Assertive pets are always separated).

      Amanda's Grooming works with animal shelters around the community to help with the care and placement of animals in loving and caring homes.